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Our professional commercial painting specialists provide affordable and reliable commercial exterior and interior painting including apartment painting.



Our mission statement is to provide professional, quality-controlled work, as conveniently and economically as possible.  we provide free estimates and fast reliable service. This service makes us a top interior and exterior painting contractor with emphasis on exterior painting


BEST-ONE PAINT COMPANY is a leading painting contractor operating in Los Angeles. Since 1981, BEST-ONE PAINT COMPANY has specialized in providing property owners and management companies professional interior and exterior painting services at apartments, condominiums, houses and other residential property. We also paint commercial and industrial buildings.

We work under a bonded contractor license. We carry full liability and workers compensation insurance for all our crews.


We also offer competitive prices on custom and high end painting jobs that require extra time. We know that no matter what style of apartment you are painting, we can save you both time and money.

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